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The Decoding Excellence show , hosted by Adam Ringler, is an exploration of the human element behind world-class performers. The show is centered around intimate conversations with masters of their craft, to distill the tools, tactics, and techniques that encapsulates excellence. The Decoding Excellence show focuses on identify the commonalities and differences between world-class professionals in order to deconstruct and decode excellence.
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Apr 24, 2017

In this episode of the Decoding Excellence Show, I am speaking with Hamish Munro, the U21 Sport Scientist/Strength and Conditioning Coach at Al Ahli Football Club Dubai.

Hamish is a Sport Scientist, Fitness Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach who specializes in the physical preparation of footballers. Hamish has worked in professional football within three countries across Europe and Asia leading the support of sport science. Hamish holds a BSc in Strength and Conditioning, a PGCert in Sport Performance and accreditation including CSCS, XPS, Eleiko, and FA.


Hamish and I discuss:

  • Overview of Tactical Periodization
  • Lessons Learned in his Journey
  • Progression through Football Clubs
  • The Place of Technology in Training

You can catch up with Hamish on Twitter at @HamishMunro90 or his Linkedin Page where he outlined a great post about Tactical Periodization.

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Adam Ringler